Commentary & Narrative

Effective collaboration throughout the reporting process

One of the most critical aspects of the financial and performance reporting process is the ability to capture, manage and distribute commentary and narratives. However, traditional integration of narratives into performance-reporting processes is manual, ad-hoc, and highly error-prone. 

Commentary and Narrative in the Fiancial Reporting Process

Features designed for effective collaboration

Chat in real-time, get instant notifications, drive conversations about the information in reports, and start a conversation with the right people at any time. CXO Software enables managers and end-users to streamline internal and external reporting processes, combining quantitative data with value-added narrative in a single, secure, collaborative environment.


Our in-app commentary features let you communicate the story behind the numbers. Save commentary to a specific Point of View and report, and ensure that the right message is in the right place. Or use line item comments to add narrative to all levels, views and hierarchies.


Flexible Commentary Management

CXO Software automatically records all changes to commentary on reports, leaving a valuable audit trail for the reporting narrative. Chat in real-time and drive conversations about report information. Stay in control and say goodbye to repetitive manual tasks and generic office tooling.

Instant Insight

To get immediate answers to your questions, simply start a conversation with the right people at any time with an Instant Messenger style tool. Share a report and the PoV in a real-time chat to drive conversations about a report.                        

Financial Storyboards

Traditional integration of narrative into reporting processes is manual, ad-hoc, and highly error-prone. The storyboard functionality within our reporting software helps you put together the most relevant reports and dashboards for the ultimate corporate performance story.

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